Not in shape? Neither were these clients

before and now

Is your current training showing little or no results?

Personal Training with Xtreme Athlete in Brisbane is vastly different to personal training at a mainstream gym.  Our specialized training will work you to your limits.   Don't settle for average training from someone straight out of an online course.  Our trainers have personally achieved great physiques and have the experience to transform you.  Come try a one on one session and see why our trainers are so sought after.  

Don't expect the same old 12 Reps & 3 Sets with us.  Our elite personal trainers utilize state of the art methods taken from areas of fitness such as HIIT, Body building, Kettlebells, Power-lifting & Obstacle course training to truly make each session different and exciting. 

Worried that it sounds too hard?

Our trainers understand each individual is different physically and mentally from the next and will endeavour to help you reach your goals and beyond.  Ultimately you get what you put in, our trainers will help you reach your maximum........ There are no magic pills or super low calorie diets that will help you long term.  Take control of your fitness and make changes to your lifestyle with our help.  Our gym has an almost 100% retention rate for members! How many gyms can say that?  

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