Established in 2010,  Xtreme Athlete is a more than just a run of the mill gym.  Aside from providing some of the best physical training you can receive in Australia we are also leaders in online training and nutrition, Fitness Australia certified CEC course providers, competitors in team events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Trued Grit, & numerous bodybuilding and powerlifting events.  Above all we provide results for our clients be they physical or online.

As a fitness provider, our team of elite trainers will provide you with cutting edge training.  Be you an experienced athlete or complete amateur we can assist your in loosing weight, gaining muscle, training for a specific sport or event, all the way to competition bodybuilding.


Nikolai Babkoff

MBA, Dip Fit & Rec, Cert III, Cert IV.

Owner & Certified Master Trainer

A former pro fighter and respected martial arts instructor Nikolai has been involved in the fitness industry since 1999 and is widely known as an expert in functional fitness.  His credits include being a quarter finalist on channel nine's 2017 ground breaking TV show Australian Ninja Warrior,  2 times the overall winner at the Ultimate Athlete Games Australia, and an INBA body building open class champion.  Nikolai is one of the country's most experienced fitness professionals & fitness authors.

Lisa McKinley

Cert III, Cert IV

Certified Master Trainer

Lisa is a 2 time Australian womens figure champion, and has won numerous bodybuilding competitions with a number of federations.  With a background in gymnastics and competitive diving, Lisa has extensive experience in Personal Training, Group Fitness and Conditioning.  If you are a female over 30 looking to have a toned physique than Lisa is the best in the business in that area.